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  • Evaluating the physical habitat of riffle‐pool design in

    2023年8月24日  It was found that narrow rifflepool construction yielded the best performance for the fish habitat, which had the best habitat quality among six rifflepool designs with the smallest pool area In the same rifflepool structure, the habitat

  • (PDF) The Assessment Methods of River Habitats Pool vs Riffle What's the difference? WikiDiff(PDF) Fluvial Geomorphology and River Management Fundamentals of Fluvial Geomorphology (PDF) @ PDF RoomWhat is the difference between riffles and pools? AGU Publications
  • Threedimensional flow in centered poolriffle

    2013年1月16日  The design of the centered poolriffle sequence followed some basic geomorphological characteristics of natural poolriffle

  • José F Rodríguez, Carlos M García, Carlos M García, Marcelo H GarcíaASCE Library
  • A Modeling Approach to Restoring PoolRiffle Structure in

    2012年4月26日  Design included spacing poolriffle sequences by integrating into existing channel constrictions and expansions Also at each riffle and run location, bank material

  • Keil J Neff, John S Schwartz, Andrew B Dodson, Michael S HamrickAGU Publications
  • PoolRiffle Adjustment Due to Changes in Flow and Sediment Supply

    2021年1月16日  Keller introduces the concept of nearbed velocity reversal between pool and riffle in order to explain maintenance of poolriffle morphology: as stream flow

  • Marwan A Hassan, Valentina Radić, Emma Buckrell, Shawn M Chartrand, Conor McDowellScienceDirect
  • Formation and maintenance of a forced poolriffle couplet

    2017年11月1日  Despite general agreement on the timing of pool versus riffle scour and deposition, no single model for poolriffle couplet maintenance has proven capable of

  • DM Thompson, SA FixlerScienceDirect
  • Riffle–pool sequences and meander morphology

    2008年7月1日  The study is aimed at investigating the response of the riffle–pool sequence to increased energy expenditure in the horizontal plane through meander development It

  • ScienceDirect
  • Flow structure through a fluvial poolriffle sequence – Case

    2018年3月1日  The upstream riffle has a median grain size of 29 mm, whereas the downstream riffle was finer, with a median grain size of 21 mm The pool grain size was

  • ResearchGate
  • Process‐based assessment of success and failure in a constructed riffle

    2020年4月1日  A restoration was attempted at Wilket Creek in Toronto, for example, where a moderately sinuous forced poolriffle sequence was constructed in a highpower

  • MDPI
  • Water Free FullText The Influence of PoolRiffle

    2020年4月17日  Figure 9 Variation of dispersion coefficient values calculated in the numerical poolriffle sequence through the empirical equations of Table 1, for each scenario The proposed methodology to

  • Cambridge Dictionary
  • riffle中文(简体)翻译:剑桥词典 Cambridge Dictionary

    riffle翻译:快速翻阅;快速翻看。。 The runnel running through the canyon is the most spectacular at the time of snowbreak with the small riffles and falls

  • Cambridge Dictionary
  • riffle中文(繁体)翻译:剑桥词典 Cambridge Dictionary

    riffle翻译:快速翻閱;快速翻看。。 Macroinvertebrate abundance and taxon richness varied at riffle scale, although patterns of variation seemed to change with time of recolonization, and taxonomic composition varied mostly at reach scale

  • danielhernandez
  • Концентрация дизайна Riffle

    Концентрация дизайна Riffle dirttimetv; NEWBURY ROCK RIFFLES Dirt Time Webin m under design conditions and S is the slope of the downstream face of the riffle Using this formula, a riffle designed for a design flow 2 m (65 ft) deep with a downstream slope of 5% (1V:20H) would require stone with a diameter of 150 cm (49 ft) Wittler (1996)

  • Frontiers
  • Winter dynamics of functional diversity and

    2023年3月6日  Headwater streams are highly heterogenous and characterized by a sequence of riffles and pools, which are identified as distinct habitats That higher species richness and density in riffles than

  • AGU Publications
  • Channel Constriction Predicts Pool‐Riffle Velocity Reversals

    2021年10月4日  Poolriffle couplets may exhibit velocityreversal conditions at different flow conditions (Strom et al, 2016), changes in flow and sediment supply may lead to alteration of poolriffle couplets and associated processes (Caamaño et al, 2009; Chartrand et al, 2018; Morgan Nelson, 2021), or a stochastic forcing (eg, large woody debris

  • AGU Publications
  • Channel Constriction Predicts Pool‐Riffle Velocity Reversals

    2021年10月4日  Poolriffle couplets may exhibit velocityreversal conditions at different flow conditions (Strom et al, 2016), changes in flow and sediment supply may lead to alteration of poolriffle couplets and associated processes (Caamaño et al, 2009; Chartrand et al, 2018; Morgan Nelson, 2021), or a stochastic forcing (eg, large woody debris

  • Cambridge Dictionary
  • riffle中文(简体)翻译:剑桥词典 Cambridge Dictionary

    riffle翻译:快速翻阅;快速翻看。。 The runnel running through the canyon is the most spectacular at the time of snowbreak with the small riffles and falls

  • Collins Dictionary
  • RIFFLE 释义 柯林斯英语词典 Collins Online Dictionary

    及物动词 or 非及物动词 1 to turn hastily; flutter and shift to riffle a stack of letters to riffle through a book 2 Cards to shuffle by dividing the deck in two, raising the corners slightly, and allowing them to fall alternately together 3

  • Collins Dictionary
  • RIFFLE definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary

    2023年11月13日  RIFFLE definition: If you riffle through the pages of a book or riffle them, you turn them over quickly, Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

  • AGU Publications
  • Flow convergence routing hypothesis for pool‐riffle

    2006年10月31日  1 Introduction [2] The velocity reversal hypothesis was introduced by Keller as a mechanism for understanding the maintenance of poolriffle sequences in alluvial streams This hypothesis was based on observations from Dry Creek, California, that “at low flow the bottom velocity is less in the pool than in the adjacent riffles” and that “with

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  • 真好玩!全技能解锁《Riffle Effect (里弗尔效应/浅滩效应

    2023年4月28日  Riffle Effect是一款卡通风格动作射击游戏,进入虫洞后迫降行星乌恩的卡托,为了修理飞船而踏上了他在这颗星球上的冒险之旅。 切换两种视角进行战斗的动作STG,作战开始! 因宇宙船紧急降落时的冲击,唯一的搭档“罗斯”也出了故障。 运用各种技

  • AGU Publications
  • Pool‐riffle sedimentation and surface texture trends in a

    2015年10月11日  For E1–E6 riffle texture exhibited a relatively consistent grainsize composition of which a majority was gravelsized substrate—gravel 61%, sand 22%, and cobble 17% (Figure 7) Riffle texture shifted to a sandsized substrate majority following the 26 March 2011 flood (E7: Figure 7)—sand 48%, gravel 42%, and cobble 10% (Figure 7)

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  • plasticity初级枪械建模教程 04 Learning Plasticity CAD for

    2023年5月8日  plasticity初级枪械建模教程 04 Learning Plasticity CAD for Artist Assault Riffle PT4, 视频播放量 70、弹幕量 0、点赞数 0、投硬币枚数 0、收藏人数 0、转发人数 0, 视频作者 NullMotion, 作者简介 Null,相关视频:Plasticity初级放样教程——吹风机

  • Cambridge Dictionary
  • riffle中文(繁體)翻譯:劍橋詞典 Cambridge Dictionary

    riffle翻譯:快速翻閱;快速翻看。。 It recreates the natural course of the river, putting back meanders and riffles and creating habitats for threatened species such as otter and water vole

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  • 从0学魔术第13集。鸽尾式洗牌Riffle shuffle3种鸽尾式洗牌

    2021年6月10日  从0学魔术第13集。 鸽尾式洗牌Riffle shuffle3种鸽尾式洗牌,萌新们相信我,一定要练习一下 一个超级热爱魔术的80后大叔。 deception《欺骗》教学来了。 真的挺简单的 绝对的干货! 不看后悔死你! 超经典必学纸牌手法! 视频中分享了4种二张的方

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  • riffle是什么意思riffle怎么读riffle翻译用法发音词组同

    n a small wave on the surface of a liquid 同义词:rippleripplingwavelet shuffling by splitting the pack and interweaving the two halves at their corners v twitch or flutter 同义词:flickruffle look through a book or other written material 同义词:flickflipthumbleafriff

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  • 【冰晶花切教程】Dimitri Arleri的自动扇riffle fan教学(中文

    2020年4月16日  没有更多评论 【冰晶花切教程】Dimitri Arleri的自动扇riffle fan花切教学(中文字幕), 视频播放量 2388、弹幕量 1、点赞数 93、投硬币枚数 17、收藏人数 127、转发人数 32, 视频作者 老牌匠, 作者简介 冰晶花切交流群号,相关视频:【冰晶花切教程】Flicker Shot

  • WordReference
  • riffle WordReference 英汉词典

    riffle through [sth] vi + prep (leaf through: pages) SC Simplified Chinese 快速翻阅 kuài sù fān yu è TC Traditional Chinese 快速翻閱 I riffled through a magazine in the waiting room while I waited to see the doctor riffle through [sth] vi + prep (search through) SC

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  • 一个特别简单,但是特别不容易的手法riffle stacking 哔哩哔哩

    2020年12月5日  一个特别简单,但是特别不容易的手法riffle stacking 看了这个视频,增加一点点纸牌技巧的知识。 键盘赌神们至少可以多点装逼的知识嘛 正在加载 看了这个视频,增加一点点纸牌技巧的知识。键盘赌神们至少可以多点装逼的知识嘛, 视频播放量 1683、弹

  • AGU Publications
  • Plunging Flow and Coherent Turbulent Structures in a Straight Pool‐Riffle

    2023年5月27日  1 Introduction Rifflepools are a commonly observed undulating bed morphology in gravelbed rivers, with the deeper areas of the river called pools and the shallower parts called riffles (D M Thompson MacVicar, 2022)Researchers have observed a range of hydraulic phenomena at field sites with this morphology that are not

  • AGU Publications
  • Концентрация и выделка бокситов GitHub

    Contribute to chonngyang/ru development by creating an account on GitHub

  • AGU Publications
  • Experiments on the Sediment Transport Along PoolRiffle Unit

    2022年8月30日  This study examines channel dynamics and bed load transport through a riffle and pool sequence forced by downstream channel width variations within an experimental flume The experiment consisted of four runs across, which we compare and contrast local and spatially averaged bed surface texture and topography, sediment

  • ESurf
  • ESurf Coupling between downstream variations

    2023年1月4日  Abstract A potential control of downstream channel width variations on the structure and planform of pool–riffle sequence local bed topography is a key to the dynamics of gravel bed rivers How

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  • 基础纸牌手法教学:“悬空式”鸽尾式洗牌Riffle Shuffle 哔哩哔哩

    2021年3月3日  基础纸牌手法教学:“悬空式”鸽尾式洗牌Riffle Shuffle 基础纸牌手法,但它的意义并不基础,在任何重要魔术前都是靠它热身和开场,是提升牌感的必学手法。 基础纸牌手法,但它的意义并不基础,在任何重要魔术前都是靠它热身和开场,是提升牌感的必学

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  • 自动开扇!三学会自动扇!riffle fan教学!【yolo纸牌教学

    2019年6月17日  自动开扇! 三学会自动扇! riffle fan教学! 【yolo纸牌教学】 蟒蛇落牌( av ) 万万没想到你们能点出一个一百收藏 很强 本期三百收藏 继续爆肝周更 欢迎私信评论,视频制作不易,关注点赞转发素质三联,感谢你们支持。 vb@丶Layolo

  • AGU Publications
  • Threedimensional flow in centered poolriffle sequences

    2013年1月16日  [1] Poolriffle sequences are geomorphological features of many streams, thought to contribute to the hydrodynamic variability necessary to support healthy habitat conditions Due to this fact, the addition of artificial pools and riffles is a common alternative for restoration projects on channelized streams In this paper, detailed threedimensional

  • Cambridge Dictionary
  • RIFFLE在剑桥英语词典中的解释及翻译 Cambridge Dictionary

    riffle的意思、解释及翻译:1 to look quickly through the pages of a book, magazine, etc, or through a collection of things。。

  • ScienceDirect
  • A conceptual model of the role of excess energy in the maintenance of

    2004年12月10日  The River Rede is a headwater tributary of the North Tyne (Fig 3a)Catchment and stream characteristics are presented in Table 1The River Rede has a bankfull discharge of 85 m 3 s −1, is flashy in nature and experiences substantial bedload movementTracer pebble work on the River Rede (Milan et al, 2002) indicates initial

  • ResearchGate
  • (PDF) A Sorting Mechanism for a RifflePool Sequence

    1979年7月1日  The convergence of respective values of watersurface slope over a riffle and pool and the greater depth of the pool cause mean shear stress, τ = γRSE (where γ is the specific gravity of water

  • Springer
  • Flow structure investigation over a poolriffle sequence in

    2022年2月2日  A comprehensive overview of flow characteristics in natural channels with bedforms is a vital issue in river management projects Poolriffle sequences as common bedforms in the gravelbed rivers significantly impact flow characteristics and turbulence intensity The present study was taken by field investigation in the Babolroud River, Iran

  • ScienceDirect
  • Modeling forced pool–riffle hydraulics in a boulderbed

    2007年1月30日  Here, we use a highresolution twodimensional flow model to investigate the interactions among large roughness elements, channel hydraulics, and the maintenance of a forced pool–riffle sequence in a boulderbed stream Model output indicates that at low discharge, a peak zone of shear stress and velocity occurs over the riffle

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